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To answer and awaken this in us, there is a section from the Zohar in Ekev. The secret of the blessings, it says, is to draw them from above to below. The word baruch , which means blessed, or blessing, is the secret of the Source, the most Supernal Source.

And the Source of blessings is being blessed, always. Its waters, its blessings never cease, it says.

A real blessing is one that continues to multiply forever; and every blessing that we receive is a blessing that is meant to multiply forever. So in order to make sure that the blessings we have multiply forever, we have to first to be clear that a real blessing is something that multiplies forever. But if a person thinks even for one second that because of how smart he is, how powerful he is, or for whatever reason he allows his ego to get in the way to say that the blessings are all coming from him, then the Creator stops gazing at that person.

Therefore, further blessings have to stop. Once the Creator removes His gaze, His Light, from that blessing, no further blessing can reside there. Therefore, how do we make it so that the flow continues and that the gifts continue being given? By having a greater growing, overwhelming appreciation for what we have.

Count Your Blessings - Don't Grumble

Unfortunately, appreciation is not something that comes naturally to us, but when a person does not push themselves to find new ways to make their overwhelming appreciation for the gifts that they have greater, they cut off the flow of the Light of the Creator into that blessing. When the individual stops appreciating - which, of course, is human nature - and does not continue to push himself to appreciate to greater and greater degrees the Light of the Creator that is infused into the blessings that he has with him, that consciousness stops the flow of the Light of the Creator into that blessing, and it can no longer grow.

It might take five, ten, or fifty years for it to die off, but he or she, with that consciousness, has made it so that the Light of the Creator has to be cut off from that blessing. But if we stop counting our blessings, as we learn from this portion, we can make sure that that flow of the Light of the Creator, that limitless flow of blessings, not only continues, but becomes greater and greater.

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When ‘counting your blessings’ is the last thing you want to do

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Count Your Blessings

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