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Give an activity tracker a shot — these little devices are incredibly motivational and the data is completely addicting. The most popular option is Fitbit , but there are many others. Set goals and hold yourself accountable — read here for a few pointers. Use blood glucose testing to identify patterns. When it comes to managing blood sugar, think of your glucose meter as a compass. By testing before and after certain events like meals and exercise, these data can point the way toward factors that affect your blood glucose. How does a dinner of chicken and vegetables compare to a pasta meal?

To make your glucose results more useful, you can try structured testing, a more strategic approach to checking your blood sugar — Accu-Chek has developed two free tools to help identify blood sugar patterns that you can download here and here. Remember that the purpose of collecting glucose readings is to give you information to optimize your therapy. Are you running consistently high after breakfast? Is your blood sugar dropping low in the middle of the night? Recognizing such patterns in your glucose readings can answer these types of questions and help you and your healthcare provider make changes to your diabetes management.

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As you start to take insulin, remember that you are not alone! Keep learning and find support! The more you learn about type 2 diabetes — from organizations and other people — the more you will realize how much there is to know. Here are some resources that we enjoy although there are many more. Books: Diabetes Burnout by Dr.

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William H. Polonsky, Diabesity by Dr. Seek out a Diabetes Educator. Diabetes educators are certified health care professionals with specialized knowledge in diabetes self-management and education. They provide real-life guidance, coaching, and support. To receive diabetes education, you can ask for a referral from your primary health care provider.

Going to a diabetes educator is covered by Medicare Part B as well as many health insurance plans. You can learn more by using this resource from the American Association of Diabetes Educators. Review our Patient's Guide to Individualizing Therapy at www.

This short list of questions is intended to help you and your healthcare provider discuss what therapies and goals are right for you.

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One of the untold secrets to thriving as a person with diabetes is to never stop learning, never stop studying yourself and your habits, and never stop trying to gain a better understanding of how your own body works and what it needs. Whether you have type 1 diabetes and are juggling taking doses of insulin with counting carbohydrates, or have type 2 diabetes and are either taking no medication or managing some combination of insulin and oral medication , there is always more to learn.

Only the best! This book should be handed to everyone the moment they are diagnosed. While it speaks largely to those people who are taking insulin, it also teaches readers how to manage diabetes based on the many variables in your body that impact your blood sugar and insulin needs. Through the insights of Gary Scheiner, who has lived with type 1 diabetes for decades, you will gain a deeper understanding of so many things, like why your blood sugar rises in the early morning hours and what to do about it , how stress and sex hormones impact blood sugar levels, and how to assess and adjust your own insulin doses.

Adam does. And he guides his readers through the everyday challenges of diabetes management through the eyes of a patient who loves to offer real solutions for real life with diabetes. This is a must-read for anyone with type 2 diabetes in particular. To write it, Gretchen Becker — who lives with type 2 diabetes and is also an established medical journalist — combined her research skills with her need to gain a deeper understanding than most doctors will provide. She also discusses diabetes complications, the financial costs that come with this disease, and the incredibly variety of treatment options available for people with type 2 diabetes.

In many ways, it becomes far more complicated because you have far more options and far more expectations.

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Every single person with every single type of diabetes needs to know how to count carbs. He knows how to make this learning process approachable, and no pun intended digestible. This book is the ultimate source of motivation and tools for success, especially when it comes to making real changes in your habits around food, exercise, and your overall mindset. Hargenrader, who has lived with type 1 diabetes for more than 25 years, combines inspiring patient interviews with her own step-by-step approach to support her clients.

Kessler is best known as the controversial former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration FDA who spent years trying to weaken the tobacco industry through federal regulation and preventing advertisement of tobacco products to children. This book is deeply informative and revealing, and it will no doubt leave an impression on your current ideas and choices around food.

The First Year: Type 2 Diabetes: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed

In perhaps one of the most unique diabetes books out there, Chuck Eichten highlights his career as the design director for Nike. With the wealth of information about diabetes on the Internet, you might expect to find dozens of pages geared to the newly diagnosed. Yet there is little online. Only two sites come to mind.

The First Year: Type 2 Diabetes: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed

This site has a page entitled "Newly Diagnosed". Another resource is the "Beginner's Guide to Diabetes". For the newly diagnosed to get in-depth guidance there is only one place to go. And that place is a book. Its author, Gretchen Becker, brings unique credentials to the task. Not the Gretchen Becker who is a movie actress, this Gretchen got her expertise the hard way after a doctor told her six years ago that she had type 2 diabetes. Educated as a biologist, Gretchen raises sheep on a Vermont farm but works mostly as a freelance editor of medical books.

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The First Year is the first book that she wrote herself and is the first of a series of health books written by patient-experts. Amazon has a bit more, including several quite positive reader reviews. From beginning to end Gretchen's wit and knowledge shine through. She organizes her book in a way that helps you minimize the shock of your diabetes diagnosis, taking you through what you need to know each day of your first week after your diagnosis, each subsequent week of your first month, and then your next 11 months.

The first of these installments is a riff on "it's not your fault. As I wrote in part on the "praise page" at the beginning of the book, "The greatest strength of this book is the wise way in which she deals with the most controversial area of diabetes treatment—what to eat.