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Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Feb 03, Rick Dugan rated it really liked it. As usual, William Barclay provides a scholarly yet readable commentary.

His explanation of the cultural setting and circumstances facing the church in Ephesus amplify the truths of John's letters and helps bridge a message originally written for a particular people in a particular time with us. For a church or a life in chaos, the letters of John and Jude provide a map for ordering our lives and our life together around Jesus. Jesus is the focus of our faith, our model for living, and the perso As usual, William Barclay provides a scholarly yet readable commentary.

The Companion Bible - The Book of Jude

Jesus is the focus of our faith, our model for living, and the person who holds our Christian communities together. Jesus - the one who can be touched, seen and heard; the one who came by water and blood; the one testified to by the Spirit - is at the heart of personal discipleship and the local church. Get Jesus wrong, and we get it all wrong. Nov 24, David rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Everyone interested in Christianity. Shelves: reference , abandoned. Excellent companion to book being used by my Friday Bible study group.

Clear and thoughtful. Had to return to library but may try to get again. Dec 18, Apryl Anderson rated it it was amazing. Just when I think I understand the depth of God's love I appreciate Barclay's ability to set the stage of the text and reveal the eternal truths to even greater extents. Jul 23, Shaun Marksbury rated it liked it Shelves: commentaries. Incredibly helpful in places and incredibly frustrating in others. Barclay is a good read for mature Christians studying Scripture.

Stephen Frantz rated it really liked it Jun 06, Ben rated it really liked it Dec 06, Bill rated it it was amazing Jul 22, Cole Brown rated it it was ok Feb 04, James R. Jenkins rated it really liked it Nov 03, Frances Allen rated it it was amazing Apr 12, Benjamin rated it it was amazing Dec 27, Sherry rated it it was amazing Mar 15, Certain evil men had insinuated themselves into the church. They were the kind of men for whom judgment was waiting. They were impious creatures, godless in their thought and life.

Jude picks out two characteristics about them.

They come in secretly, without notice, like a thieves and their effect would be like that of a thief!!! Loss would occur to those who listened to their lies. Spiritual leaders grow complacent, careless or concerned about nickels and noses had better be warned: danger lurks around the next pew. These false brethren would say you are saved by grace so go for the gusto. Live as you please. Anything goes. After all, all you have to do is "confess" it.

They promised freedom but it was the kind of freedom that led to terrible bondage 2Pe , note. These certain men had slipped in, stealing in undercover, as under the cover of darkness if the light of God's Truth is dim it makes it easier for them to creep in. Thus the importance of men and women in the body who are LIGHTS because the light shines into the darkness and the darkness does not overcome the light Jn In fact when exposed to the light of Christ, ''rats'' tend to flee for cover Jn and may even leave completely.

Titus Crept in implies an "inside job," and that these purveyors of error are even now among the brethren. Paul had warned the elders of the church at Ephesus "I know that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you , not sparing the flock and from among your own selves men will arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after them" Acts note. Adrian Rogers observes that Jude is "talking about the apostates and how they get in.

This word crept means that they came in the side door. Also, the word is used of a person who would slip into water without making a ripple. Oh, how clever they are! They come in very clandestinely; they come in very quietly and very stealthily. They come in; and, from the inside— like termites destroying the foundation of the building —they work… the devil has tried two ways to destroy the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ and the churches of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Devil Has Tried to Destroy Faith Through Persecution - First of all, he has tried through persecution—that is, he's tried to persecute the saints and to put them in danger—even of their own lives, much less of their property.

But, persecution does not work very well. There's a saying among missionaries that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church. Not only did love grow where the blood fell, but churches grow where the blood falls. And so, many times, when the enemy comes to try to stamp out the fire, he only scatters the embers, and new fire is started. So, the devil backed off, and said, "Well, if I can't beat them, I'll join them; and, if I cannot work from the outside with persecution, I will work from the inside with infiltration; and, I will destroy the biblical base upon which those churches operate.

And, you see the key in verse 3—Jude says, "Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that you should earnestly contend for the faith" Jude Sermon - The Believer's Security Blanket. Spurgeon - They did not boldly avow their heresy when they came in; — they would not have been allowed to enter if they had done so, — but they sneaked in, they climbed into the pulpit, professing to be preachers of the gospel, when they knew, all the while, that they intended to undermine it.

Those who have not the courage of their convictions probably have no convictions at all, but seek to undermine the faith which they profess to hold. The metaphor is of spies or traitors introducing themselves into an enemy's camp. Compare Jude , crept in unawares. The verb means, literally, to bring into eis by the side of para.

Wuest - There is a Greek word in 2Cor which admirably describes the methods of the Modernist, who takes after his father, the Devil. It refers to the act of an individual changing his outward expression by assuming an expression put on from the outside, an expression that does not come from nor is it representative of what he is in his inner character. As a fallen angel he gave expression to his sin-darkened heart.

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But he knew that he could not attract the human race that way. He must impersonate God if he expected to be worshipped as God. He therefore assumed an outward expression of light, put on from the outside and not representative of his inner sinful being.

He disguised himself as an angel of light. His ministers, servants , Modernistic preachers, have done the same v. Reader, do not trust a Modernist any farther than you would a rattlesnake. A rattlesnake will give you warning before it strikes, but not a Modernist. The eternal welfare of your soul depends upon what you believe regarding the person and work of our Lord on the Cross.

Those who were long beforehand marked out "Long ago the Scriptures predicted the condemnation they have received. To write previously or before. Figuratively prographo means to announce or prescribe.

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Wuest feels this is a "reference is to the prophecy of Enoch with regard to these false teachers Jude Prographo is used of posting important official notices on a placard in the marketplace or other public location for citizens to read See NT use in Gal It is also used for putting up the announcement of an auction sale.

Zodhiates - In Jude prographo means to proscribe, appoint, ordain, post up publicly in writing. Even in our day the cases to be heard by a judge are written beforehand and appended in a public place in the courthouse. Thus what Jude is declaring is that judgment was published or declared in writing ahead of time.

As to where they are proscribed, we must look at Jude , Prographo occurs four times in New Testament. In two of these instances pro has clearly the temporal sense before Ro note ; Ephesians note.