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I took that idea one further, in order to explore the idea of something being completely hidden. The story is unique for me. This was a challenging voice for me; getting it right took a lot of work. About Brenda:.

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Brenda Cooper is an American writer living near Seattle, in the rain and the wet. She writes science fiction and fantasy, works in technology, and also does a bit of freelancing as a futurist. Her web page is at www. Posted by Sue Bursztynski at AM.

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Way to obfuscate safety directions!! Keep It Simple It's also a reference to a comment made by someone, who thereby begins a ferocious, volatile and heated debate - but who personally contributes nothing more than their initial explosive comment. Common on forums as thread-starters Thursday, 4 June Light blue touch-paper.

I'm not sure if folk of a younger generation can finish the sentence that begins 'Light blue touch-paper' but at one time it was written on every firework and was probably one of the first standard safety warnings for the general public. Standard being itself a play on words for those of my generation since Standard Fireworks were one of the main manufacturers.

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The full sentence was 'Light blue touch-paper - stand well back' later replaced by 'Light blue touch-paper and retire. These knock on the door of being modern.

Light the blue touch paper and stand well clear................

They boast having suspension and brakes! Where the sit-ons are concerned, Norton dominates.

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Off course people swarmed and enjoyed good days. Jazz played, display cars displayed.

Plenty of delightful surprises; an early steam car glides about, breathlessly gorgeous. A Charabanc, so heavily engineered it looked as though it might sink on the tar paraded, carrying the fortunate who got a seat. Punters, many in dress their ancestors would have worn, took in the racing, the attractions and the atmosphere and pronounced it good.