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But this past March, Vice President Mike Pence announced that the target date for a crewed lunar return is now The accelerated schedule increases the technical risks of NASA's newly named Artemis program ; it will be tougher to develop and test the required technologies in the shorter time available, after all. Bush and his son George W.

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Bush, respectively. Basically, the shorter the program is, the less time it takes, the less political risk we endure. In other words, we can accomplish the end state.

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The end state, by the way, is not the landing, which would be the first crewed visit to the lunar surface since the Apollo 17 mission in December NASA envisions the coming trip as the beginning of a sustainable, long-term presence on the moon. Artemis revolves around several key pieces of infrastructure that are still in development: the Space Launch System megarocket SLS , a crew capsule called Orion and a small moon-orbiting space station called the Gateway.

If all goes according to plan, the Gateway will serve as a lunar-exploration hub. Surface missions, both crewed and uncrewed, will depart from the orbiting outpost and return there when the work is done. Whether your planning a wedding, private party, fundraiser, festival, corporate event, school function or reunion, we can help.

Mark has served as President, Vice President of Programming and a member of the Programming Committee of Festival International de Louisiane, one of the largest free festivals in the country. Mark has showcased Louisiana artists, chefs and musicians in countries such as France, Belgium, Martinique and Canada. Every band recommended by Mark, without fail, has been incredibly well received by our community. Mark has many years of experience in the music business and knows the music landscape as well as anyone.

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He spots up and coming talent and knows the tried and true staples well enough to match any objective. Mark has been a tremendous resource for our organization and we are most grateful for his ability and willingness to shed some South Louisiana light onto Central Louisiana. Alexandria Music Project www.