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Redl committed suicide after Austrian police discovered his betrayal.

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Harold Cole was the deputy commander of Scotland Yard during the end of the World War 2 and is considered one of the worst traitors of the war. He was responsible for divulging information to the Gestapo about the French resistance escape lines, which he had helped create. He also divulged information about the French resistance leaders to the Axis, resulting in the death of at least people. He was shot dead after capture by French police in The tyrannical rule of Roman emperor Julius Caesar came to a very sticky end when his own nephew, Marcus Junius Brutus, took part in the murder plot against him.

Brutus joined the Roman senate during a time when the revolt against Caesar was reaching its peak. Despite remonstrations from his wife, Brutus accompanied a group of disgruntled senators who savagely attacked Caesar. The whole sordid betrayal was also the subject of a little Shakespearean play you may have heard of. The Rosenbergs were a married couple with communist sympathies who sold atomic secrets to the Soviets during the height of the Cold War.

Julius Rosenberg helped exchange covert information and also recruited other spies for the Soviet Union. He, alongside his wife Ethel whose level of involvement, if any at all, is still contentious , was arrested in After a controversial trial, both were executed for conspiring to sell atomic secrets to Russia on June 19, Mir Jafar was the head of army of Bengal during the mid 18th century.

However his ambitions were much higher as for the better part of his lifetime, Jafar had conspired to usurp the throne of Bengal. The New Jersey Nets will be moving to Brooklyn where they will become the Brooklyn Nets, leaving their former state without a team. Whether fans will follow their struggling franchise remains to be seen, but for now, fans can only feel like they are losing some unfinished business. The Nets came extremely close to winning titles recently during the franchise's glory days with players like Jason Kidd and Kenyon Martin, failing to capture a title in back-to-back NBA Finals appearances during the '02 and '03 seasons.

Maybe a move is the spark the team needs, but without a doubt, a title in Brooklyn won't feel the same as that long-hoped-for one in Jersey. I know Bill Belichick doesn't come off as a real nice guy, but for that reason alone he doesn't seem like the ideal guy to go telling on. Eric Mangini didn't think twice about that.

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As soon as he joined the rival New York Jets, he ratted out his former boss and organization for spying on other teams, potentially tarnishing the New England Patriots Super Bowl seasons. One thing that did happen though was Mangini's reputation was instantly damaged, something he sure hopes he could fix now.

Via USAToday. It's disappointing whenever it comes up. Kiffin seems to have made the right choice with the Trojans looking ready to make a serious run during senior quarterback Matt Barkley's final season. Still, Kiffin blew off Tennessee after just a year, putting the school in the position to once again have to go out and find their guy.

Hiring a coach and finding a guy who fits your system isn't easy, and it certainly isn't easy to have to do it two years in a row. From '97, Rick Pitino and the Kentucky Wildcats dominated college basketball. Maybe they won just a single title during that span, but nonetheless they had a ton of success, making it to both the title game and Elite Eight twice, as well as the Final Four and second round.

His second trip to the NBA was not successful to say the least, which led to his return to the college game. A lot of soccer players change teams for more lucrative clubs, but no betrayal stands out more in soccer than Luis Figo leaving Barcelona to head to Real Madrid. In his first game back in front of his old crowd, Figo was showered with garbage. The most shocking piece thrown at him was the head of a pig. Soccer fans have proven to be tough on players in the past, but the situation between Barcelona and Figo takes the cake.

That is at least what the St. Louis Cardinals learned, as star slugger Albert Pujols left the only team he had ever played for in favor of a more lucrative contract with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Pujols hasn't been Pujols in LA, batting a mere. Considering the Cardinals are sticking around in the NL Central yet again, it looks like the party against the odds is doing OK.

Without a doubt, though, St. Louis will never be able to forget what Pujols meant to their team and city, so hopefully when it is all said and done, they will welcome back their former star with open arms. The players were swapped on draft night, as the Chargers originally drafted Manning with the first overall pick. His refusal to play in San Diego put them in a bind, which eventually led to a trade, swapping him and Rivers on the same night.

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Both players have had strong careers and are towards the upper echelon of quarterbacks, but until Rivers grabs a Super Bowl title, this trade will continue to sting. I wouldn't call Carlos Boozer a loyal guy, especially after the way he handled his departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Boozer was set to be a restricted free agent in , but with the Cavaliers taking his word that he would re-sign with the team, they allowed him to become an unrestricted free agent.

The Cavaliers were looking like a team poised to take off, with a young LeBron James just coming into his own. The team thought they had the ultimate forward combination in Boozer and James, but unfortunately they would only end up with one. Boozer's departure to the Utah Jazz definitely hurt the club, and there is just no way he could have ever won back the fans after what he had done. Shaq heading to LA shouldn't have been a surprise, as the man has always had aspirations of being a star on and off the court.

Anyway, the Magic were a team coming up to be potential contenders for years to come, most importantly built around their No. It is another thing to leave that career in the NFL and return to the team's biggest division foes in the Alabama Crimson Tide. It wasn't easy for fans of the Seattle Super Sonics to see their team leave for Oklahoma City, and now it especially doesn't help to see them fighting for a chance to make it to the NBA Finals this season.

Thunder owner Clay Bennett will always be the man to blame in this situation, although some can argue that the NBA and commissioner David Stern carry some responsibility as well. The Sonics have some great history, and maybe in the near future they will get a chance to rise from the ashes and compete in those yellow and green unis again. While I would mostly agree, the fact of the matter is that the Cleveland Browns ended up getting back everything about their franchise, while getting rid of an owner like Modell when he moved his franchise to Baltimore to become the Ravens.

Unfortunately, though, the Browns have continued to struggle mightily while the Ravens have been pretty consistently successful.

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No matter how bad things get though, Browns fans stand by their team. Only question is though, how much longer can they take it? If LeBron James was smart, he would have trademarked that phrase way before he said it. Without a doubt he would have raked in some nice cash on that little overly used phrase.

Nonetheless, James will always be painted as a traitor for leaving his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers in favor of joining forces with buddies Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat. James promised he wouldn't leave Cleveland without a title he broke that promise , but now fans must be cringing to see him getting so close to actually winning one. Nonetheless, you can bet that Cleveland fans never want to see a NBA ring on that finger, as they are still waiting on theirs.

One could understand Urban Meyer retiring from college football and the University of Florida in because of health issues and the desire to be around family, but that just looks like a bunch of bologna as he joined the Ohio State Buckeyes a year later. Meyer's return to college football is exciting, but some have to wonder about his departure from Florida and quick return to Ohio State. The puzzle pieces just don't match, and to be honest, Florida hasn't been the same since he left. Whatever the case may be, Meyer is now coaching the Buckeyes, so we will have to see if he will be able to find his magic in the Midwest like he had for so many years down South.